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3 Python Lessons
Comprehensive lessons on the most relevant Python language features for the coding interview.
6 Coding Problems
The most frequent and important questions that cover all core concepts.
3 Data Structures
Learn the best way to implement popular data structures and how they work for solving interview questions.
Video Explanations
Thoroughly planned and rich video content that will help you master the most challenging concepts.
Code Editor
A custom built coding environment optimized for learning Python and coding interviews.
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Space-Time Analysis
Create the most performant algorithms and learn how to use space to speed up your code.
Step By Step Solutions
All of our code solutions come with a written step by step breakdown, showing how to logically and quickly arrive to the best answers!
Video Lessons and Walkthrough
Watch and Learn from Coding Interview Experts
Python for Interviews Course
We split Python up into modules designed to improve your skills in the most important areas of the Python language for the interview.
Our videos walk you through how to understand each interview question and how to analyze the space time complexity of any approach you choose to take.
Code Solutions
We take you through a detailed walkthrough of how to implement your solution in Python. You will see how to code any problem from start to finish.
The Best Coding Environment for Preparing with Python
A Custom Built Python 3 Editor to Improve Your Skills
Interview Py
Master Big O Notation
Find Optimal Solutions For Any Challenge
Space and Time Complexity
You will learn how to quickly grade the quality of your solutions through experience using our explanations. Learn how to spot and improve upon O(n), O(n^2), O(n * m), O(nlogn), O(n!) and much more!
Step by Step Analysis
All of our solutions come with a step by step guide showing not only the best way to approach each problem, but also on how to analyze and build upon each new step with Big O Notation.
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